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Next Programme starts on 4th of January!
Details at the bottom of the page.

"If you want to taste the water you got to go to the well."


Announcing our new 7-week playful adventure down to the waters of imagination and inspiration!

This unique workshop is for anyone looking to shift the blocks that are stopping their flow.

Who is The Creative Well for?


Are you an artist, actor, performer, mover, teacher, or creative practitioner?

Are you in a phase of not working, procrastinating or being in your head about what you do?

Are you stuck or bored?


Then it is time that you go down to the well to refresh and revitalise your approaches.

The Creative Well offers you structures to help re-commit to your practice with passion, playfulness, joy and freedom.

The 7 week programme


- You will encounter tools and techniques to help you get back in touch with your individual artistry and build robust practises that enhance your creative needs.

- You will join a supportive and playful learning group

- We will; move, breathe, write, draw, daydream and reflect together.

- You will design a series of daily creative tasks that fit your interests and begin to build these into the days between each group session.

-You will begin building the habits that you need to expand and deepen your creativity.

- You will hold each other accountable for following through with your commitments to yourselves as artists, practitioners and creatives.


All of this is aimed at integrating and enhancing creativity into your everyday because practice makes progress.

"If you want to drink the water you got to go down to the well."


The Source


Over decades of practicing and developing our approaches to actor training and movement for actors we have encountered a wealth of work that has strengthened and supported what we do.

Key to this work is our relationship with the mind, what we choose to prioritise and nurture in our practice and our belief in life long learning. 


The source for The Creative Well has been drawn primarily from our work with the exceptional practitioners John Britton and David Glass and an eclectic range of other creative and personal development courses. 

We have found the work with John and David transformative and it has become a strong undercurrent to all of our current trainings. 


This programme is designed so that you can delve into your creativity in a non-performance environment and for you to see the benefits of building creative habits such as movement, free writing, breath work, image streaming.

Welcome to The Creative Well how deep you go is up to you.

The details:

4th January - 15th February

6.30pm -8.30pm 

£150, £130 concessions - email us for payment plans
Gorse Hill Studios
Cavendish Rd, Stretford, Manchester M32 0PS

Any question - email us on:

Full price:

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