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Reasons to dive in and train with us?



You will encounter le jeu (the game of theatre), neutral mask, mask play, clown, bouffon (satire and grotesque parody), plus playful approaches to text and weekly devising tasks.You will be an essential part of a vibrant and creative ensemble. You will play, laugh, dance, explore and create together. It will be magical. 



You will study rhythm, colour, materials, elements, animals and more to feed and develop your artist's palette. We will approach character and creation from a place of pleasure, beauty and imagination rather than more traditional ways.  



The course is designed so that you are constantly experimenting, creating and refining. We will build and shape material as an ensemble and you will understand what it means to be a collaborative creator. In the final week we will perform a range of our new work at the course showcase. 



We teach through game, exercise and playful provocation to consistently challenge each individual. As a result you will become bolder, more sensitive, resilient, impulsive and playful. In short you will grow. 



You will develop the confidence to begin creating your own work.  

You will walk into auditions with renewed vigour and playfulness. 



Laughter fills our classes. Humour is so important to what we do. It is as important as the air we breathe. Without it we cannot truly flourish. In class you will develop a sense of humour about yourself and your work.  

And now for the NUMBERS


You will train hard for 16 hours per week


You will train for 2 long days a week


Over a fun-packed and valuable 10 week period  


Less than £7 per hour


Totalling 168 hours 


£5 p/h concessional.

*The majority of other theatre and acting courses we could find in the North West are charging upwards of £9 per hour.


 * The cohort will be a maximum 16 participants. 

 * As a graduate you will be eligible for reduced rates on any masterclasses that occur in the 12 months after you complete the course. 


Course dates 2022:

10 weeks training

7th January - 12th March

Course days: Friday & Saturday 

Times 10am - 7 pm 

(also available on a module by module basis

Le Jeu - Jan 7th/8th, 14th/15th

Neutral Mask - Jan 21st/22nd, 28th/29th

Mask Play - Feb 4th/5th, 11th/12th

Clown - Feb 18th/19th, 25th/26th

Bouffon - March 4th/5th, 10th/11th/12th

*On the final week you will train Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Full course Fees £1200 (Full price) £900 (Concs) 

All Modules £250, £210 (Concs)

*Bouffon £310 (Full price) £260 (Concs)



*Deposit is non refundable but can be used towards the cost of  another course.

*It is possible to pay in Instalments up until start of the course. 

 *Full course fee is payable by the start of the course.

(In exceptional cases it may be possible to complete payment once the course has begun.)

*Please get in touch to discuss any questions you may have.


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