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Amazingly Stupid...

“I wanted to thank you for the great, inspirational 4 weeks at RADA.

To my own surprise I massively enjoyed the clowning classes, it was super fun and also so liberating to just be amazingly stupid.” 

Felicia Kaspar - Actor

Completely life changing...

"It has been a fabulous week, so rich and vibrant and valuable. You have both created an amazing thing. Completely life changing"

Karen Stuart - Actor/Costume maker

One hour into the taster....

"One hour into the week long taster was all it took for me to decide to enrol onto the full course"

Liam Hurley - RADA Graduate 

Highly skilled...

"We return to Alice again and again because she has an excellent rapport with the students, is highly skilled and knowledgeable in her subject area."

Sally Cook- Northampton University/ Trestle Co founder 


"Alice created a playful and trusting atmosphere. She encouraged us patiently to find out what might be funny. I found it joyful, insightful and inspiring."

Jamie Wood - Theatre Maker (Beating Mcenroe/ O NO)

Great value for money...

"Great value for money.

The atmosphere in the room was playful and concentrated. I learnt a handful of new tools to develop a character and start enquiries"

Claudia Whitby-Tillott  - Trainee Actor

Agile in his craft...

"Mark is a highly skilled practitioner, agile in his craft and his wit and just a warm a generous human being."

Kerry Irvine- MA Course leader Bath Spa

Not weighed down in Pc-ness...

"I chimed with the idea that the theatre space should be a provocative one and shouldn't be sanitised/weighed down in contemporary debates about Pc-ness, so it was nice to meet compatriots on that front"

Christopher Born - Actor

Incredibly transformative work...

"Performing for me, in the past, always had a serious undercurrent to it which I eventually came to realise was stunting my ability to play openly and fully. My time with Performers’ Playground has shown me how to find my own unique source of fun and then how to bring that on to the stage. The experience has gone on to seep into the rest of my life outside of theatre as well —incredibly transformative work being done here. Do it. You’ll laugh your tits off."

Bay Bryan - Actor/ Musician

Unlock peoples spirit of joy...

"The work that Mark does is much more than directing and teaching in a conventional sense, he is an enabler, he works to unlock peoples spirit of joy and helps them to use it to create beautiful moments that make a lasting impression."

Matthew Morgan - Stevens - Course leader Colchester Institute

Free and liberated...

I've never felt so free and liberated as a performer and more importantly an individual from doing this course. I've challenged myself, stepped out of my comfort zone, said hello many a time to the Flop Family, but I've also connected to my pleasure and laughed so so much. Like seriously! Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats training with these guys!"

Lucas J. Mahoney - Actor/ Writer​ 

A readiness to play...

“There’s a lot of teachings out there about the right or wrong ways to do certain things in acting. What Performers’ Playground gives you is a feeling of freedom. Go   with an open mind, a readiness to play and Performers' Playground will help you find so many more ridiculous ways to make a fool of yourself and you will love every minute.”

Georgia Beechey - Actor

Endless avenues to explore...

“The course content was like nothing I'd ever been taught and everything I never knew I needed as a performer and creative. The course lasted for three months but the teaching has given me endless avenues to explore and practice. But most of all it's made me excited to perform again!” 

Jake Mainwaring - Writer/philosophy Student

Challenge my lazy habits...

“Performers Playground brought me to the next level of skill and freedom which I had been searching for since leaving traditional acting training. 

Having Mark and Alice challenge my lazy habits, and move towards more pleasurable choices has improved my performing immensely.”

Andrew Sim - Comedian

Deliciously dark...

“Playing with Alice I experienced great fun while discovering my physical range, and with Mark I discovered something deliciously dark. At the end of it all I emerged more confident, more present, more playful....and my painting practice is stronger too!”

Sophie Tyrrell - Artist

They target everyone's different needs

“Mark and Alice’s teaching is so personal and specific to the individual, they target everyone’s different needs and guide you through the course based on you. 

The confidence I have gained and the fun I’ve had with them is immense.” 

Kirsty Williamson - Actor

Full of depth and surprises...

“The Performers Playground is a demanding and challenging course full of depth and surprises Alice and Mark are excellent at bringing out personal unique qualities you never knew you had.”

Ali Dando - Graduate

I've learnt how to have fun...

 learnt things I've never come across during years of acting and even more importantly I've learnt how to have fun doing them.

Amanda Renberg - Actor

The confidence to trust myself...

“After so much devising and imaginative work with Performers’ Playground I found the confidence to trust myself and let it flow, with ideas and solutions coming quickly and with simplicity. My work now exists more in the moment and my instinct for humour and humanity is keener than ever.”

Sean McGlynn - Actor

Learnt so much...

“What an absolutely amazing course this has been – I say a course but it’s been an experience – one that I will never forget.  I have learnt so much!   Skills that can be used not only in performing but also in general life.”

Michelle Hayman - Life Coach

Completely eye opening...

“Being able to explore the strange and irregular was completely eye opening and taught me ways to explore life in a more playful and curious way.”

Joe Webster - Actor

Nothing better in the uk...

“Having trained at RADA and East 15, I understand Drama training, and this is different. Having said that both Mark and Alice are experienced at sharing their work with these places. Look you will not get any better training in the UK right now with the price and also the longevity of the course.”

Nuala Cavanagh - Actor

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