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You may be wondering how we will come together to train during this time.

We are working with the venue to ensure that the space is Covid safe.

We worked with them over the summer and everything ran very smoothly

As well as this we have been teaching at drama schools and have learned a lot from this time that we will incorporate into working with you.

Needless to say our want to connect with each other is stronger than ever. The arts will continue and as artists restrictions can provide us with unexpected opportunities.

The 2020 cohort showcase is a clear example of this.

We planned for the showcase to be outdoors because it wasn't possible to perform indoors. Then a week before we were due to perform legislation came in that no more than 6 people were to meet outdoors.

As a result we created the opportunity to film the showcase in Virtual Reality. This is one example of an ensemble of artists being adaptable and responsive to the world.

What we will discover together through restrictions is anyone's guess.

The only way to find out is to join us for the next journey.

The Performers' Playground 2021.

Let's play!

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