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Their course is truly for anyone and everyone...

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

After working with Alice and Mark in the first year of drama school, I jumped at the chance to do their Performers' Playground summer intensive week.

Their approach combines many styles and viewpoints that just make sense. I have found every time working with them to discover a new revelation, sometimes small and intriguing, and other times huge and genuinely life changing. The beauty of their work for me is not only allowing yourself to live in the now, but relish in the singular experience of each moment, allowing the building of strong relationships with others, an audience and especially your self. The absolutely seamless delivery of profound questions about how we experience our lives, as individuals and collectively, intertwined with endless laughter, games and experimentation is what it’s all about for me. I have learnt so much about myself and others and my thoughts and feelings have only continued to roll faster since. Some of the most beautiful and profound moments happen in tears and laughter, personal discoveries shared with the people you meet for the first time on day 1. Every day I had the pleasure of seeing the people around me realise things about themselves they didn’t know. These discoveries can at times be tough, difficult to face, but having a group of supportive bodies and faces around you in those moments is a unique experience that everyone deserves to feel. These moments have all influenced my process as a performer, considering how to exist more in the moment and really play and enjoy those you share the stage with, regardless of subject matter. Their guidance and encouragement is a great balance for learning - supporting and pushing. The atmosphere encourages mistakes, confidence and resilience, pushing you to go beyond your own expectations and experiencing new freedoms. Their course is truly for anyone and everyone.

Performers, artists, workers, dreamers, thinkers, movers, humans.

Liam Wheeler - Actor

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