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When we flow we grow

When we flow we grow.

When we play we can find ourselves tumble into a state of flow.

You remember that feeling of playing and I mean, really playing, and getting taken by the game? The delight of feeling suspended in time, that nothing else matters, the sense of now! the sense of being totally present. It's pure bliss, to die for. Our small selves disappear and get taken on a wild holiday by our mischief and curiosity.

I get excited thinking about it.

The game itself can come in many forms and be both fleeting and long lived, there are games that continue a lifetime and those that are deeply joyful, but come and go briefly sometimes leaving a huge imprint.

I have been exploring play and finding flow in places I'd previously paid less attention too, firstly in the practice of Yoga Nidra, in the bliss of the liminal space between being asleep and a place to recharge creativity and receive rich imagery. In the part meditative state where the body is still and mind gets to move and play, I found a delight in the lightness of thought that again elevates us from our small selves to the possibilities within us once our judgement is lowered.

I have also been exploring vocal flow, choral singing, one to one speech work and workshops in authentic voice and character voice. I have been permitting myself to dance with my voice as I would my body, with the pleasure to play and express whatever is there. I have been enjoying the challenges, interconnections and surprises that have arisen. But above all it's the choir that has changed my life. The act of group listening and connection through singing, the joyful, communal vibrations that we make sometimes certain often curious, confused but always hearty. I used to say I can't sing and I know many that say they can't dance...but saying that was the exact problem, preventing my joy.

I have found my voice and just for the love of it. I have no ambition other than keeping it as part of my practice and sharing in the ways I see fit. I no longer fear teaching a little song in workshops because I am convinced of the gift of connection that I am giving to that group. To the I can't singers and the I can't dancers I really do get it but I promise it's not true and if you can let your mind flow and your judgement go on holiday as you do when you play, or watch children play, share a story or a giggle with a friend, then a whole kingdom is awaiting. Life is too short for I can'ts.

To quote Le coq....Everything flows

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