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The details

Dates: 2nd of August until the 4th of August

Times: 10am to 5pm daily

Location: Ascension Church 282 Stretford Rd,
Manchester M15 5TQ

In this week long course we will be exploring le jeu, clown and comic characters.

This workshop is all about generating play in the body and voice through the pleasure of pretending to be an actor, then to share that pleasure with an audience and explore what is funny. 

Le jeu: the game of theatre and acting. You will discover the robust play that provides the foundation for everything we do onstage.

Clown and comic characters: The art of sensitivity, ridiculousness and hilarity. You will discover the power of failure and how to play the flop to find laughter and connection with your audiences. 


There are similarities and small differences between clown and comic character, and they are easiest to explore in the room.

It is all about the relationship with the audience, your fellow players and the material. Often it is the performer that reveals an unconscious tendency towards one or another: comic character or Clown. Which one will you gear towards?

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