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David Glass - Alchemy of the Extraordinary - A Workshop for Actors and Theatre Artists

It's time to get back in the room people.

Here we go... Drums… Trumpets…

The Performers' Playground and the David Glass Ensemble present Alchemy of the Extraordinary.

Let's Play!

Do you want to work with one of the leading names in devised and physical theatre?

Do you want to develop new skills and approaches to your craft?

Do you want to immerse yourself in your craft and train with other like minded actors, artists and theatre makers?

Then this is the workshop for you.

David is an international teacher, multi award winning theatre maker and one of the leading lights in contemporary theatre and performer training.

His ex-students include some of the top names in theatre and performance including Simon McBurney, Emma Thompson, Amit Lahav, Tom Morris and many more.

Dates 13th - 18th May

Cost £180 (concs) £200 full price Early bird deadline is January 10th Venue TBC but will be in or close to Central Manchester

To book your place please email

Workshop Information:

The artist is constantly using their work to help people to ‘see again’, ‘think again’ and ‘feel again’. Central to the artist’s process is learning through experience, exploration and expression.

David Glass will lead a masterclass and workshop in Devised Object Theatre, rooted in physical and image-based theatre and storytelling. The workshop will combine skill and technical practice with explorative, experience-based investigations into movement and drama.

During the week there will also be an opportunity to see a sharing of Davids latest solo show Silence so you get to see the master in action.

Using David Glass’ Alchemy-Extraordinary five-stage devising process we will start from the body to explore principles of spatial dynamics, the three emotional centres of the body, the basic grammar of movement, fixed points, élan, the elements of nature and the struggle of pushing and pulling.

David Glass is an award-winning solo performer, theatre director, writer, designer, lighting designer, filmmaker, teacher and creative thinker. He is one of the principal founders of the Physical/Visual, Devised, Ensemble and Applied Theatre movements. David is a leading international theatre teacher and has taught and influenced three generations of theatre makers in 73 countries.

For people with some previous performance experience, either as theatre students or as professionals.

“David is one of the great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly, and has touched thousands of souls in a life-long quest to connect and build meaningful relationships.” Amit Lahav, Artistic Director, Gecko

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